Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter To Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino claims he's not a politician, but he wants to get on the ballot to run for Governor of New York State. On his website, there are issues he hasn't addressed sufficiently and there are issues that he hasn't addressed at all. So I wrote him a letter:

"...I'd like to know where you stand on gun rights for law-abiding New York gun owners. Seems to me that there's a patchwork of different gun laws in different cities and counties that are aimed at hurting us and does nothing to stop the criminals.

We also need Castle Doctrine laws so we know we can protect ourselves in our own homes with no requirement to retreat. After all, if we retreat from our home with our guns, that instantly makes us criminals. If we stay in the home and use deadly force, now we're breaking the law again by not retreating.

We also need CCW provisions so we can protect ourselves no matter where we go. States that trust their citizens to conceal-carry have significantly lower crime rates than states that don't. We also need statewide preemption to make gun laws uniform across the state, along with reciprocity with other gun-friendly states.

The Second Amendment isn't just for hunting, as most hoplophobes would have you believe.

Also, where do you stand on illegal aliens? I don't want to hear that you're going to give them benefits after they've lived here for a year. A parasite is still a parasite no matter how long its lived in one place. I want you to follow Arizona's example and get rid of these drains on taxpaying New Yorkers. This would save billions of dollars a year for New York and also free up jobs for her resident citizens."

I await a reply.

So, before I sign your petition to run for governor, I'd like to know where you stand. Will you fight for New Yorkers' rights or will it be the same old politics as usual once you get into office?

*Edit: After a thorough perusing of Carl Paladino's website, I found this: "I support an individual's right to bear arms as recognized by the Second Amendment and I believe it is now time to enshrine this vision of our Founding Fathers in the New York State Constitution. It is disgraceful that New York is one of the few states that leaves state gun owners' rights up to the whim of state legislators.

And not only will I defend against further assaults by Sheldon Silver and the gang against existing gun owner rights, but I will look for opportunities to roll back any existing state law that infringes upon the right to bear arms."

Looks like I'm on board for Carl Paladino.

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