Sunday, December 12, 2010

Braindeadery Is Learned

School principals are supposed to be smarter than the students, but this one principal must be brain dead to ban the use of the restrooms at Murray Bergtraum High School in downtown Manhanttan, because two students were fighting.

What did the principal think would happen when she illegally closed access to bathrooms to thousands of students? Why ban the restrooms to all students because of the actions of two of them? Closing access to restroom facilities is illegal and againt Building Codes. For X number of people, you require X number of toilets, urinals and sinks. For Y number of people over X, you need to provide Y number of fixtures to meet the demands. Telling students that they can only use the restroom in the school nurse's office in an emergency is utterly asinine.

The principal should be fired. The riot that broke out due to her stupidity could have gotten a lot of students hurt. Is it hard to see the correlation between stupid educators and students barely eking out an "education" (and I use that term loosely) and barely passing their classes, when you've got educators who are dumber than dirt?

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