Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Booger Hook On The Brain

It was Jay who complimented me on my finger discipline in my gun-handling at the NRA Convention when we were all fondling the Hollywood guns. It didn't register then, but it hit me just now as to why I automatically keep my trigger finger off the trigger when I hold a gun - archery.

You see, when I shoot my compound bows, I use a mechanical shooting aid - a release. The triggers on these releases are literally hair triggers. Touch them while drawing your bow and a disaster will most likely occur. There is no first stage pull and definitely no second stage. It just goes off with the slightest bump from your trigger finger. Trigger weight is about half a pound, and usually, your arrow is aimed at something other than your target while you're drawing back your bow. I've seen arrows stuck to ceilings; in walls; in the dirt; in a tree; in a forearm; in a hand; in people; etc.

The four rules of gun handling safety applies to archery equally. Getting skewered by an arrow is not the same as being hit by a bullet, but neither one of these things should ever happen by accident. This is why my trigger finger is always away from the trigger when I handle a gun.

Thanks, Jay, for the compliment.


  1. It's not the same, but dang is that going to leave a mark.

    Good points and one people that bowhunt don't always think about when they start out.

  2. I never really thought about that, Wai, but you're right. You breath on a bow release wrong, it will fire. And yes, it does seem to translate.


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