Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Something funny happened at the archery shop today. We had a Bowtech Old Glory bow on which I had to change the strings and cables, which I did no problem. Thing was, when I went and put it on the drawboard to check the timing of the cams, I couldn't get the bow to come to full draw. Where it would stop was about a half inch shy. I couldn't figure out why.

My mentor couldn't figure out why either until, he turned his head away from looking at the cams to where the cable fed through the guide loop to the crank and discovered that the knot that ties to the hook that pulls the bow open was getting impeded right there. So, for hours, we sat there and scratched our heads. We got Vapor Trail on the phone; we called Bowtech to see if they did something special for this guy's bow, because it was a 31" drawlength, and that is really rare.

So, having discovered and corrected the problem, the bow is now complete in its maintenance, but my mentor busted my balls like nobody's business, for the next few hours. Then he suddenly stops and says to me, "It's almost as bad as the time I was fixing a bow and something was making noise. I spent 4 hours taking it apart, putting it back together, and I could not, for the life of me, figure out where that sound was coming from. Then my business partner comes into the shop and he says, 'Why don't you try shooting the bow without your watch on?'"

The next few days at the shop are going to be interesting and full of mirth and merriment. He'll bust my balls; I'll bust his. Good times...good times.

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  1. You have a blog! Yay!

    Given yesterday I spent half an hour trying to figure out which AN-hardware bolt went through tinnerman nuts that take a #8 machine screw instead, I have no stones to throw.


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