Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#2 Pencil On Paper

I don't consider myself an artist, even though I went to an art high school. I'm a Virgo, and by nature, am very detail-oriented, so my brain doesn't work the way the "artistic" brain works. I like to build things with my own hands. I've build sheds for friends and family. I've repaired broken walls and ceilings to the degree that you wouldn't know that they were ever broken. I visualize in 3-D and how things come together to work the way they do. I'm pretty sure that if given the time and resources, I could build a better mouse trap, as the saying goes.
Even though I am neither tall, dark nor handsome, I do appreciate beauty in a human form, especially the face, specifically the area around the eyes. On the occasions that I deign to pick up a pencil or a pen and put it to pad, this is usually what results.

They say the eyes are the windows into the soul. This first drawing was one that I sketched from memory shortly after we met in 1995. I drew hurriedly to get what was in my brain onto paper to be preserved forever. She was one of my first loves and had the most soulful eyes when she was sad, but when she was happy, her eyes lit up the room and all the sadness would disappear. My sketch does not do her justice, but for me, whenever I look at this sketch, it stirs a longing deep within - a longing to hold her and stare into those eyes and a yearning to taste her lips once more.

The next one is of Vivian Chow, a famous Chinese actress/singer (because in Chinese pop culture, you really can't be one without being the other). I copied this from an album cover one day when I felt like sketching. Again, I don't think my sketch does her justice - she's much prettier on her album cover. She has beautiful eyes.

This last one is of another Chinese actor/singer - Chris Wong, and again, copied from an album cover.

Maybe one day soon, I'll sit down, pick up a #2 pencil, my art pad and start sketching again. It's been a long time since I've done any sketching of this type and I think I'm long overdue. My question is: "who shall it be?"


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