Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DELL Inc...


The ordeal I had with their "departments" was a nightmare, in trying to get warranty replacement service for a RAM module that went bad. This was their memory module, with their logo and sticker on it, with their brochure that came with it that said, "Lifetime Warranty."

You would think that getting an RMA number to get a replacement module would be a piece of cake, right? Wrong.

I was on the phone with them for TWO days, getting bounced around from no less than FOUR different departments and TEN different people. They never even had the courtesy to call me back when we got disconnected. One of their tech managers was even yelling at me over the phone.

So, the straw that broke this camel's back was when I got bounced to the last department and I get a recording saying, "Sorry, this department is now closed. Please call back during normal business hours." After having been on the phone for 2 hours trying to get someone to help, that was it. I snapped.

I packed up the RAM in the actual box in which they shipped to me, when I bought it in 2004, wrote DELL's CEO, Mr. Michael S. Dell a letter laced with profanity of which you have never seen, wrapped it all up and shipped it off. I hope he gets my message loud and clear that I will never buy another thing from DELL ever again. Hell, I told him I was even going to blog about this experience so the world will know what a shit company it has become. OH, get this! DELL's corporate headquarters information isn't even on their website. I had to find it using Google to search it. Do they have something to hide, or do you suppose they'd rather not hear from their customers at all?

DELL rhymes with HELL and that's where they should go. I'm done with DELL.

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  1. wow .. sounds serious! ... Let us know if he responds.


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